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And other points about the disadvantages of explicit anonymity subsets such as fungibility being superior on Zerocash.The older UTXO are harmful for mixing in recent transactions as explained in the subsequent Overlapping Mix Sets section.The presence of an 80% attacker, even though not all that effective, would require that the chain be bloated by 5x.

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It has to be mathematically modeled with all the vulnerabilities I enumerated, because there can be non-linear combinatorial cascade, such that anonymity sets collapse in a domino effect.My next blog will be about this and explain why I think both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake are doomed (well doomed to be centralized and thus not suitable for an anonymity cryptocurrency, although the Zerocash technology mitigates the Sybil attack vulnerability considerably but not entirely by itself).However, the infographic on Bitcointalk gave some more clarity.

The Sybil attack could already be 80% right now and you would have no way of knowing.So my (not near-term, but over medium-term) conclusion is goodbye Monero and Dash.

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Thus the supply coming out of the mixer has to equal the supply going in.Combined with Steath addresses it makes Monero virtually impossible to track, and you have ring signatures on top of that.

You do not understand what it feels like to burn in hell every minute, hour, and day of my life FOR YEARS.Except the worse honeypot Dash kicked their ass in marketcap.You say that the article was not intended to generate FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

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I do appreciate those who upvote your comment indicating to me how many people do not totally understand what I wrote.

Try to find something productive to do with your miserable life.I have some other comments there which are also correcting these past incorrect statements, which so far have not been deleted.If Monero prefers to create a duplicate terminology for the same thing causing confusion for retarded people like you, then so be it.Quick Cryptocurrency Tips Series - Best Exchanges, Wallets, Coin Picks,.I want 100 million people using Bitnet by 2020 and 1 billion by 2024.

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Given they are highly parallelizable, the latency of zkSTARKs proofs can be asymptotically minimized by increasing the number of cores in the computation.

If you Monerotards want to make up your private terminology that is okay, but it is not my problem nor my error.The value of the first bitcoin transactions were negotiated by individuals on the bitcointalk forums with one notable transaction of.Afaik, all of the anonymity cryptocurrencies out there as of now are not acceptable to my standard-of-excellence.

Review the comment below my blog where I wrote that for your edification.BannerCoin on BitcoinTalk. Monero.05 XMR per. is to expand the actual use of digital currencies for transactions as opposed to only pure speculation.

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For example, I would like to see you prove that Evan Duffield operates even one masternode.

I do not know how you define progress in life, if getting cured from a deadly illness that ravages the internal organs of the body is not progress.The bottom line is that the most popular medium-of-exchange unit will require high, real-time transaction volume and be incompatible with users running full nodes and using powerful untraceability.Monero (XMR), a privacy-focused open source cryptocurrency, has agitated the digital currency community after demonstrating a.But they will just be deluding themselves again as they did when they presumed all my talk about Monero and anonymity was just noise chatter to be ignored.I received some anonymous feedback about one of my comments above (except of course not the humorously intended one about blubber).Without true centralization, an adversary could game the trust, such as building up trust costfree, then employing that trust to inject invalid transactions into the blockchain.You have no way to know whether the existing transaction volume already includes the 80%, i.e. if Monero has been a honeypot ongoing.

But again that is not likely a near-term outcome in any case.Providing breaking cryptocurrency news - focusing on Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, ICOs, prices, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.If you are going to do large scale speculation on Monero as a major future currency you need to do a lot of reading and draw your own conclusions.Always mixing seems incorrect because we need to scale, otherwise the anonymity set sucks because for example people are just moving their coins in from an exchange from the scaling coin which passes through KYC.

I have rebutted every single one of the incorrect arguments made, which is all recorded here in the comment section (and also the entire Reddit discussion is backed up on the Wayback Archive).You mean that the attacker would need 80% of the network hashrate.I wish you the best with your health and restored productivity.The economics and game theory trend to oligarchy control over mining is the norm—not a roll of the dice.A miner can create a lot of transactions for free by mining them privately.

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