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Windows 8.1, 62 degrees Celsius, amd fx-4300, 4gb ram, msi 970a-g46, 320 GB hdd.Windows 8.1, Catalyst 13.9, 76, MSI Z77-GD55, Pentium G2030, 8Gb RAM.Windows 8.1 x64, Catalyst 13.12, SDK 2.9, 78C, i5-3570k, 16GB RAM, P8H77-V.Windows 7 Ultimate x64, 332.21, 58C, i5-3570, MSI Z77-A-G43, 8GB DDR3.Windows 7 Ultimate x64, 60, Intel i7 3770, Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H, None, GPU throttled to temp target of 60 using EVGA Precision 4.2.1.Win 8 Pro x64, Driver 331.93, 84, Z87X-OC, i7 4770k, None, Stock cooler, P2083-0030.

Windows 8.1 x64, Catalyst 13.12, 72, UNDERVOLTED via saphire trixxx, 7 64, --temp-target 90 --temp-o, Asus Z87-K, USB Powered, Tahiti Chipset, ixholla.Win 7 x64, CCC 13.9, 70c, 990fxa-ud3, FX4130, RX1000AE PSU, 12GB ddr3.Wired but I have to keep a google chrom instance open to have it run at max speed.Win 7 Ent, Catalyst 13.9, 79, Gigabyte GA-F2A88XM-D3H, AMD A6 5400K, 4Gb RAM.

Litecoin Mining Calculator is an advanced calculator to estimated the.Windows 7 64, 60, Asus Z77 V LX, G540, 4GB, no, I think it can be more, samvdv.Windows 7 64, 78, Intel Pentium D 3.0, x16, 720 max KHs - its HD 7970 tho speedfan shows HD 7900, 15, GoreDrummer.Win7, Catalyst 13.12, 70, x1-x16 powered, This version has Elpida Vrams,

BAMT, 54c, I chose this configuration because it was the best performance for the least amount of power.Windows 7 x64, Catalyst 13.9, 68C, Gigabyte FM2-A75MA-E35, A10-5800K, 8 GB DDR3-1600.Windows 8.1 x64 Catalyst 13.12, 77, I downgrade device because it was broken., original.Windows 7, Catalyst 13.12, v2.9, 80, ASRock 990FX Extreme3, AMD FX-4170, 8GB Corsair Vengence DDR3-1600, None, muctur.They are specially designed pieces of hardware for performing the Litecoin.

Linux, opensuse 12.2, CUDA 5.5, 80, DP35DP, Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz,, Cougar.Windows 8.1 x64 pro AMD SDK 2.9 Catalyst 14.1, 84C, Asus Z77 Sabertooth i5-3570k 8GB RAM, 7 Ultimate x64 Catalyst 13.11b9.5, 87c 65%fan, ASUS M4A78LTM-LE AMD Athlon X2 255 8GB RAM Coolermaster 600W Bronze, 1500 mem requires.Windows 8.1, Catalyst 13.12, 88, ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO mobo, Intel Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz LGA 1150 84W Quad-Core, 16GB DDR3 (PC3 19200) ram,

AMD Catalyst 13.9, 68, x1-x16 powered, built in a milk crate style container.In a similar way all of the dispensary is now able to fully grasp Bitcoin Litecoin from their own.Windows 8.1, 67deg C video card, 3770k, Maximus Gene V, 16gb Trident X 2400MHz, 240gb Agility 3 SSD,, goldfingerfif.Part 1: Hardware Requirements Mining rigs come in all shapes and sizes.Two cards 360 each, overall rig power consumption 370W, open case with 12cm fan directly on cards, top card 70C, bottom 65C.

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Windows 7, 32Bit, 53C, Core 2 Quad, 4GB Ram, 470W PSU, Very stable.Win7,14.1, 82, asus,fx-6100, x1-x16,, andre.Win 7 Catalyst 13.12, 78C, core2dueo 3G, x16, x64, Catalyst 13.12, OpenCL64 from 13.1 package (No full SDK), 72, Asus Maximus VI Hero - i5 4470, Same settings crashed regularly on Asus Z87-Pro MB, upgraded to Maximus VI Hero and its stable, (113-AD59700-102), vseven.Win7 64bit, AMD Catalyst 13.10, AMD SDK 2.9, 92C, Asus M4A79XTD EVO, Phenom II x2 545, 4GB RAM, F41.Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Catalyst 13.1, 85C, Asus M5A97, 16GB DDR3, AMD FX-8120.Windows 7 Pro GeForce331.82 Driver, 70C, ASUA mobo PCIe2.0 AMD Phenom II x4 955 3.2Ghz, Open Case, 80.04.4B.00.0F, Zakaro.

BAMT 1.2, 75, asus p5q deluxe q9550 Enermax 1020W, 1-16X, rock solid 100% stable, stock.Windows 7 x64, Catalyst 13.11 beta v9.5, 82, ASRock Z68 Pro3, i5-2500k, Asus R9 280X DirectCU II TOP 3GB.This calculator will also estimate the annual blocks your GPU set up can crack and also estimate the time taken to crack 1 block.

Mining Hardware Comparison. Installing Litecoin Client and Mining Software in Ubuntu.Mining hardware comparison - Litecoin Wiki. Have a look at litecoin hardware comparison site for.

Debian 7.3 Catalyst 13.12 ADL 6, SDK 2.8, 41, P7P55D i5 760 8GB.Windows 8.1, R331.93, 80C, ASRock Z87 Extreme 6, i5 4670k, 80.04.BF.00.AS04.

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